Chazy Athletic Association


Sara Gonyo – President
Nichole Martin – Vice President
Michelle McLennan – Secretary
Danielle McAfee – Treasurer


Do you have a child that plays sports? We are always looking for new members. We could use your help!

Look at what we have provided for our athletes in recent years:

    • Meals for end of season Athletic Award Banquets
    • Financial support – Chazy Youth Hockey
    • Financial support – Soccer Final Four
    • Patches/Stars for soccer uniforms
    • Trophies/Plaques for athletic achievement for all sports
    • Scholarships to two seniors each year
    • Financial support – School Functions (After Prom Party, Yearbook, Drama Clubs and Cafeteria)
    • Basketball Clinics for Coaches
    • Summer Basketball
    • Soccer Clinics for Coaches
    • Baseball Tournament
    • Uniforms for all sports

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Sara Gonyo – 518-534-0356

    Request for Funds Application
    If you have a request for funds, please click the link above. Follow the directions to complete the form and, if possible, attend the monthly Chazy Athletic Association Board Meeting to present your request in person. The form is also available in the main office.

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Athletic Association Merger Policy

Athletic Association Merger Application