Parent Support Helps!

How can Parents Support PBIS?

Family involvement in a child’s education increases your child’s likelihood of success. Your help with our behavior system is very important. We ask for your support in the following ways:

  • Remind your child that the school’s behavior expectations are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. These behavior expectations do not change when they leave school- they can go home with them too!
  • Ask your child to give examples of how he/she demonstrated expectations at school.
  • At home you might try to use the same behavior language as the school. For example, asking for a voice level zero means that your child should be silent.
  • When your child gets home from school, ask them if he/she earned an Eagle ticket. Find out what positive behaviors were demonstrated in order to earn this. Please offer your child extra praise and reinforcement for making a good decision!
  • Submit up to one “Parent Eagle Ticket” per semester where you can acknowledge your child’s positive display of behavior at home.

Thank you! Your support sends an important message to your child that we are working together as a team to help him/her be successful in all parts of his/her life. We appreciate your support!