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The pool is open!

In order to create a safe environment for physical activity in the pool setting, the following rules must be followed:

1. Masks must be worn at all times when not in the pool. This includes moving around the pool deck, locker room use and entering and exiting the building.

2. Locker room usage will be limited to after your aquatics session. Please arrive at the pool prepared to swim. You may utilize the locker room to change after your session. This will help limit the numbers in the locker room and mixing of groups. 

3. Only swimmers, coaches/instructors and lifeguards are allowed during swim sessions. Please, no spectators at this time. 

Pool Attire
Building Use Form
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Offerings subject to change. Please check the calendar for up to date information.

$5 per session
$35 for a membership – 8 sessions, at any time, on any day


Waves – We host the Waves program 2 nights a week. See the link above.

Water Aerobics –  This instructor led class will provide movement and resistance training in the water.  Exercising in the water has less impact on joints than traditional aerobic exercises on land, but the resistance of the water is 12 times more than on land.  There is a combination of cardio and strength exercises presented to get a full body workout.   This class is taught primarily in shallow water and is moderate in intensity; however, modifications can always be provided.  If you prefer to workout on your own or swim laps this time can also be used. We will be adding in more Adult Open Swim times as time goes on.

Adult Open Swim – We welcome all those seeking fitness based activities in our pool. If you have interest in lap swim, aerobic activities or need some rehabilitation this time is for you. Competitive youth swimmers and those youth who are focused on their fitness and health may also attend. This is not a recreational time. Please come check out our pool and see how it can improve your health and fitness.

Did you know we have a chair lift to ease your entry and exit of the pool? If the use of a ladder is a concern, let a guard help you with our chair!


The swimming unit in Phys. Ed. classes will start the week of January 24th.

Any questions please contact Liz Garrand at egarrand@chazy.org.